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. he has a court date in january. the senatorsaid he is deeply sorry for his actions. >> for the second year in the a row the ravens are the afc champions. here is scott gar sew with the story. >> after losing three straight, the ravens got their swagger back in this one. they were up 24-7 at the half for the ravens, it's back to back afc north titles and that's something they're proud of. >> -- this was the championship. you know what, back to division champs, that's huge around here. so theexpectation is to win. >> i think fun is a good way to describe this game today. thelast three weeks have been difficult for our ball club. you know, we're not used to losing like that. we stayedconfident can. we knew the things we were capable of and the thing potential we have. >> i love this team. i loveevery single guy on this team. you hear ray talk and you can understand why. this is a special group of men: how farwe take each other, that remains to be again there's a few that never played in this league and never won a division and this is our second time in two years,
been swammed with news of a fiscal cliff where your property rates could rise if you don't take action. for half a million marylanders, they may be missing out on free money. we have more on that. >> reporter: we are talking about losing hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars if the homestead tax credit mick -- application is not filled out. we learned that many people are finding out about the deadline from the news. we will keep saying it until the end of the year. when the holiday lights go out, the bills start to pile up and any financial break is important to turn the lights on. >> we have been a homeowner owner i want my money. >> don't we all, the homestead tax credit went intoe if you into -- in the 70s and the credit is good for your home, not vacation homes. >>> we have plenty of properties getting credit that they are not entitled to. >> lawmakers came up with another plan, a one time application to update the database and cut out the fraud. >> our governor likes to tax and he will do it without telling us. >> everybody has gotten two applications mailed to their premi
a whole lot of activity out there. a lot of scattered light rain and snow shower action, maybe a little sleet coming down. just to the north and west. the frederick area here, but for the most part, conditions have improved and we will not see a lot of new percipitation. there could be some icy spots tonight as temperatures begin to drop. but right now, it is a wild countries statewide. you see the temperatures in the mid 30s to freezing to the west and from baltimore east ward, we are in the low 30s . it's an unusual set up with the area of low pressure. winter weather concerns, tough travels to the west with the icy conditions. always, the wind, the other local weather wild card not just tonight but tomorrow, we are really going to see the atmosphere mix out a little bit. high wind advisories thursday statewide. expanded into the eastern shore, but overall, the storm continues to blow out and the big concern is going to be wind and what a wild and large system it has been. and in fact, we have video to show you. what this storm did in alabama, tearing through that state to the south.
and another at a middle school. the superintendent says that prompted the district to take action. tonight there was a strong police presence at many schools in the area. theshooting has many districts on high alert. in baltimore county, the superintendent says there are crisis plans in place. >> this is something we take serious any way. safety is the utmost importance to us. >> dr. dan says they are considering enhanced security options like maybe badges for the staff and students as well as cameras and a buzz in policy at all l doors within the district. >> saying good-bye to lives taken young is a senseless crime. there are no words r to explain the pain these families are feel sglg today the first funerals were held. two sixyear old boys were laid to rest. > . >> this is the living memorial in downtown sandy hook where a constant stream of locals and visitors come to remember those lost. today in newtown, a funeral for six year old know awa pozner. he was a boy who liked animals, video games and mexican food. an onlookerclachs collapsed -- collapsed. >> i told him i love you and
dollar class action settlement against toyota motor company. toyota says the deal will resolve hundreds of lawsuits from motorists who say the value of their vehicles dropped after a series of recalls. owners will receive information about the settlement and possibly cash. >>> well imagine opening a box and finding a letter inside from someone begging you to help them. that's what happened to a woman who says she was getting ready to decorate her house for halloween. she found the letter in a halloween grave yard kit. when she opened it up this year, she found a letter in broken english asking her to send the letter along to a human rights organization. >> the headstones were approximately 18 inches tall, 12 inches wide. and there were two of them put together, and the note was slipped in the middle of them. and then that whole package was wrapped in sealed cellophane. >> the note claimed that the halloween stuff was made in a labor camp in china. the writer explained that the workers worked 7 days a week for 15 hours with no breaks. she asked friends on facebook what to do about it and
disciplinary action. >>> a major announcement from baltimore city police tonight. in a rare nighttime news conference, anthony bats announced the department had made its 1,000 gun arrest this year. officers were responding to a home. officers arrested a man and they say they found a semi automatic handgun. >> she said she had seen the officers out here previous nights. he knew there were 12. it was a good way to seek out the officers and they came right away. >> major blake was on hand for the announcement. >>> the superintendent is proving he is open for suggestions when it comes to improving city schools. so dr. dallas mann was eligible to answer questions. >> what i try to do is change the conversation to be proactive. when you're proactive you have environments where kids feel they're connected to the school. that's why you always hear me talk about do our kids really feel that someone at the school knows then, understands them but they can go to that person if they are sensing or having a problem with anything. and so, we have some schools that do it extremely well. we have some scho
tomorrow with mainly cloudy skies. you notice all the action has been out to the south and west of us. up towards the north and the east we have been getting our bouts of some drizzle and fog. and it's because of this warm front situated over the area. this will lift toward the north during the course of the overnight and look at the warmth associated with eye. while we are at 46, raleigh is at 64. so the warm air moving from south to north will be in here but then we will see changes as we progress into the week. international falls 1 degree right now. same hold true towards pierre and northern plains. that's cold air that's due to move in as we go into the rest of the week. so again, fog out there tomorrow morning, dense fog advisory until 9 in the morning. and we see a blend of some sunshine and it's very limited sunshine. and here comes some wet weather that moves in latter portion of monday afternoon and evening. that's when we will see the cold air moving across our area. the forecast for tonight takes you towards anne arundel county and will uniformally be into the 40s to around 50
badly. we can get that done. >> reporter: president obama called for immediate action, but there was no vote in the senate tonight. >> we're going to come in at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we'll have further announcement perhaps, and we'll have a talk in the morning, i certainly hope so. >> reporter: minority leader mitch mcconnell called vice president biden in for help. he is now said to be playing a direct role. >> there's no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. the sticking point appears to be a willingness and interest or frankly the courage to close the deal. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act soon, drastic spending cuts will go into effect and taxes go up for everyone. the tax impact for the average american family, more than 3400 dollars. senate leaders continued to work on a stopgap bill but sticking points remain. >> there's still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue. >> reporter: negotiations will through the night, now with just hours to go until the deadline. abc news washington. >>> for more on the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8